Sustainability is more than a business model for us – namely an attitude. We take environmental protection and saving resources with demure at BROCK, and that for 25 years.

What is decisive for us is the fact that not only do our machines clean, but the machines themselves are also clean. How do we attain that? By the fact that we employ stringent controls and certification. By the fact that we cooperate very closely with the manufacturers of the carrier vehicles. By the fact that we unremittingly develop and optimize. Briefly: thereby, that we always reflect – on our machines and ourselves.


We think sustainably, think efficiently

Sustainability for us means efficiency. Our endeavours for efficiency benefit our customers, because they require machines that are economical in consumption and distinguish in durability. We supply that: BROCK machines are more economical than others, but make no compromises with the performance. We learnt that from the start with the Pike: "Our origins lie on the construction site, thus, there where the customer fights for every litre", said Managing Director Thorsten Lass. This efficiency is also long since required in other sectors – for example, for cleaning in the inner area of towns. Here for example, we supply the VS4 E, a model that can be electrically-driven by a Plug-In hybrid – and, thus, provides the best prerequisites for town cleaning, environmentally-friendly and with low noise emission.


Our most important resource: Ideas

With innovations, we set new standards for saving resources. Example: the water recovery system of the large sweeping machine VS11. A cyclone filter system cleans the absorbed sweeping water to a particle size of 25 µ. The water can be returned to the street with this advanced reclaiming system – this results in rather efficient handling of the valuable resource water. “Furthermore, the machine will have to be driven less frequently to the fresh water tank – that also saves fuel", said Lass. That is particularly practical if the sweeping machine must travel greater distances – therefore, the potential for saving is greater.


Certified environmentally-friendly

We believe in the sustainability of our products – however, we would rather have this in writing. Therefore, we have each sweeping machine certified in accordance with the PM10 test from EUnited Municipal Equipment and, thereby, regularly obtain three stars – the highest award for an environmentally-friendly machine. Thereby, it is confirmed to us that during use, the least possible fine dust particles up to the largest of 10 µ emerge that could cause respiratory illness.


Innovations with strong partners

Of course, we continue to develop ourselves – but we have a few assistants: our partner, who supply the carrier vehicles for our sweeping machines. It is very important to us that they also feel obliged to sustainability. For example, we build the large sweeping machine VS11 on the chassis of Scania: "The topics of environmental protection and sustainability are firmly embedded in the company culture at Scania", said Rita Kornek, Key-Account Manager for local authority/special vehicles. Thereby, it was easier to adapt to the more stringent exhaust gas standard Euro 6 – because this was already in the back of the minds of the Scania developers for the standard Euro 5: "Our engineers already laid the basis for the Euro 6 standard at an early stage" said Kornek.

The approach to the FUSO was similar, who supply the chassis for our compact sweeping machine VS4 E, said Sybille Sladek, Sales Manager FUSO trucks: "A green image is especially important for local authorities." The manufacturer has understood that and supplies models with economical 3-litre diesel engines.


One of the most valuable resources: our staff

Those engaged in environmental protection, sustainability and innovation must work hard at it. We do that with our 116 members of staff. Only due to them are we in the position to realize the requirements of our customers and to sustain the high innovation pressure within the sector. In addition, we have understood that staff is a "renewable resource" – thus, we have a particularly high ratio of apprentices, because we concern ourselves with the promotion of the young talent. Our staff can show what they can achieve – and we show the result to our customers.


An investment that makes sense

What is the total result of this commitment? Sweeping machines that are far advanced than the competitors, because they protect the environment without thereby neglecting their primary task: to provide perfect cleaning results. It is a useful investment for our customers – and more important today than ever before.