• Sweeping units

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Sweeping units

There is a wide range of sweeping units that can be fitted between the front and rear axles. Whether double disc brushes on one side with rigid roller brush or single disc brush on both sides with swivelling roller brush? Pulled or pushed? Which sweeping widths must be achieved? Together with the BROCK experts, customers can configure their desired sweeper individually to suit the desired vehicle type and for their future field of application.

In combination with the selectable optional equipment, every application is guaranteed to be a success. Each sweeping unit consists of one or two disc brushes (double disc brushes) with a suction shaft behind it which sucks the swept material into the dirt container. In combination with the centrally mounted roller brushes, further material is swept towards the suction shaft over a large area. Depending on the sweeper type, compact sweeper or truck mounted sweeper, there are different roller diameters and lengths.

The trailed sweeping units are mainly used in compact sweepers.

trailed sweeping unit

with disc brush and suction shaft

pushed sweeping unit

with disc brush and suction shaft

pushed sweeping unit

with double disc brushes and suction shaft

Rigid roller brush

for single-sided sweepers (different lengths possible)

Pivoted roller brush

for two-sided sweepers