• Additional brush

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Additonal brush

In addition to the disc brushes on the sweeping units, the sweepers from BROCK can be extended with further special brush types from the modular system. These special brushes, such as Weed brush can, depending on requirements, be attached to the vehicle at different predefined positions. Partly this requires a chassis preparation. Depending on the type of sweeper, whether front-mounted mower or brush under the vehicle cab, you can choose between rigid, swiveling or telescopic versions. Together with the BROCK experts, customers can individually equip their desired sweeping machine with special sweepers suitable for their use.

Large sweepers

  • Static left or right fixed or telescopic on the ram
  • Dynamic telescopic (800 mm), swing-out in any direction on the front of the vehicle
  • Fixed or telescopic behind the front axle

Attention: Take into account the regulations of the chassis manufacturer!

Campact sweepers

  • For compact sweepers, we only offer the dynamically swing-out solution on the front of the vehicle.

Sweeping area