• Oil residue removal

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Oil residue removal

As a manufacturer of innovative sweeping vehicles, it is only to be expected that BROCK has a quick and effective solution available for the removal of oil residue. The oil residue removal unit is available as an additional element for all vehicles with hydrostatic drive. The special feature of this system is the unbeatable speed and performance with which the oil residues are removed from the roadway. The working speed of up to 7 km/h ensures rapid cleaning of accident areas. The oil residue removal unit is mounted on the front of the vehicle. This means that the sweeper retains its own original function and that time-wasting system changes are not necessary.

Removal of oil residues in one operation

The BROCK sweeper with oil residue removal unit is equipped with three hot water units mounted adjacent to one another. These heat the cleaning water to 80° Celsius and thereby cause the oil layer to form an emulsion. When used together with an additive, which is sprayed on the oil in advance, the oil film will be completely removed and the road can be reopened as soon as cleaning has been completed.

A particular feature mounted on the new BROCK oil residue removal sweeper is an additional manual vacuum unit. This unit is mounted at the rear of the vehicle and enables the access of areas, that are particularly difficult to reach, to be cleaned.