• Rear grit suction unit

    For deep pore road cleaning

Rear grit suction unit

The powerful rear grit suction system from BROCK is mounted directly under the vehicle frame. This type of design makes manoeuvring easy and safe for the driver. The short swivelling radius prevents the suction units from colliding with obstacles such as kerbs when cornering, for example.

Rear grit suction system

The standard rear grit suction unit of the sweeper consists of three individually sprung suction shafts that adapt perfectly to the condition of the road surface and thus achieve optimum suction performance. Extra wear-resistant, coated pipes are installed between the suction shafts and the tank. Pneumatic closing flaps on the inside prevent the return of contamination from the hopper onto the carriageway. Due to a large selection of different washing bars and nozzle types, the rear grit suction unit can be individually extended.

Centred grit suction unit

In addition to the standard rear grit suction unit, sweepers can also be equipped with a centre-mounted grit suction system. This grit suction system consists of two individual suction shafts that can be lifted and lowered in conjunction with the sweeping units behind the front axle. Flexible suction hoses between the suction shaft and the container make this possible.


The rotor cleaner can be used to upgrade the standard rear grit suction system. It is particularly suitable for removing stubborn dirt and for cleaning the road surface down to the pores. Attached in front of the rear grit suction unit, the rotor cleaner cleans with its rotating nozzles and up to 300 bar water pressure.

Special application options

  • Reprofiling of silent asphalt
  • Cleaning concrete joints
  • Surface treatment of concrete carriageways