• Foliage suction unit

    High suction power not only for foliage

Foliage suction unit

Another innovative solution from BROCK is the foliage/leaf suction hose device. It is not only suitable for sucking up large piles of leaves and dirt, but also for cleaning sump traps and regularly changing sand on playgrounds.

Diverse versions

The foliage suction hose device is available for both compact and large sweepers. It can be mounted at various predefined positions on the debris hopper, e.g. centrally or laterally at the rear or in the middle of the vehicle.

Compact sweeper

Large sweeper

Pipe-hose system

The pipe-hose system of the large sweepers has a diameter of 200 mm and a length of approx. 5 m, which can vary depending on the mounting position. An extension of one metre is possible by using an attachment. This has a diameter of 200 mm, but can also be selected with a reduction to 150 mm.

Electrical switching unit

The electrical switching unit for lifting and lowering the foliage suction hose device is located directly on the handle. On sweepers with auxiliary engine, the function of increasing the suction power via the speed is also available here.

Slide valve

A slide valve at the opening to the debris hopper is also included in the scope of delivery. This prevents dirt from getting back into the suction hose out of suction operation, e.g. during transport journeys.

Additional water nozzle

To ensure thorough cleaning, a water nozzle is installed at the end of the suction pipe.